MRLD – Chapter 1


Chapter 1

There were still fifteen minutes until his appointment.

Rong Yi turned his head to check his reflection in the window of the store next to him. After making sure that his hair and outfit was perfect, he took a deep breath.

Don’t be nervous, stay calm.

He quietly tried to meditate and calm his heart, but it didn’t help and instead, only made his heartbeat more unstable.

In order to calm himself, he subconsciously lay his hands in front of him and nervously wrung them. However, he quickly realised that the action seemed a bit old-fashioned, and if the other party suddenly saw it, his impression of him might worsen.

Rong Yi carefully put down his hands.

He glanced at his phone once more. There were still 14 minutes until the appointed time.

It turns out that the so-called infinite second was like this.

Rong Yi distractedly twisted his body around only to hear an unfamiliar but soft voice behind him.

“Excuse me…”

Rong Yi turned his head.

The mouth talking to him was a boy he had never seen before.

“I want to catch the bus, but I forgot to bring a bus card…” The boy looked a bit shy. “Do you have any spare change? I can transfer the money to you using WeChat.”

The teenager looked up and his face was slightly red; he looked shy and nervous.

“Sorry,” replied Rong Yi. “I don’t have any cash with me.”

“Oh…” the boy snorted but did not leave. His eyes turned and he asked, “Are you waiting here?”


Rong Yi’s reply was very dry, but the other party was not discouraged.

“… for your lover?”

If only he was.

Rong Yi sighed silently in his heart and asked, “Is there anything else?”

The boy felt helpless. He frowned slightly and rubbed his lips together before whispering, “Actually, I just wanted your contact information.”

This answer didn’t surprise Rong Yi.

He looked down at the boy who seemed to be in his late teens. Soft features, short hair with a slight curl, a slim body, and large almond eyes. An obvious Omega, and in the eyes of most people, one that could be classified as cute.

The type of cuteness that Rong Yi desired to be the most.

“…Sorry,” he shook his head helplessly, rejecting the other’s request. “It’s not very convenient.”

“Oh…” the other person embarrassedly smiled before immediately turning around. “I’m sorry for the bother then.”

Looking at the petite figure of the boy running away, it was inevitable that Rong Yi would feel bad.

Just as he was thinking about whether to find a more inconspicuous place to continue waiting at, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

Rong Yi emerged from his thoughts, and after seeing the other party’s face, the tension that had just eased immediately surged again.

“You,’re here!” He unconsciously amplified his voice.

“Is that your friend?” The other person leaned naturally on his side and pointed his chin to the direction in which the boy left. “So cute, could you introduce me?”


“Why did you suddenly wanted to invite me to lunch?”

Liu Yuan was completely at relaxed as he sat on the other side of the table, while Rong Yi sat nervously with his back straight.

“I want to thank you, about that time…”

“Wow, you’re too polite,” Liu Yuan said with a smile. “It’s just a little matter, no trouble.”

Rong Yi smiled with him. “It should be.”

“If you really want to thank me, you should ask your little friend from earlier for his contact details.” Liu Yuan could not forget that Omega. “Cuties like him are my favourite type.”


Rong Yi did not say anything.

Liu Yuan saw that he didn’t look very happy so he quickly changed the subject. “But really, I’m so embarrassed that you came to thank me for such a little thing.”


If you had to say it, it really was just a small matter.

Rong Yi was a little careless. When he went to Company A, he lost a USB stick. When he exited the elevator, he had walked to the door of the building without any thought, but he was stopped by the breathless Liu Yuan who came rushing from the stairs.

In fact, the data on the USB was in the company’s computer and wasn’t confidential. If he lost it, it wouldn’t matter.

The key is that he already had a good impression of the Alpha and it could be said that he harboured a little good feelings for him.

When Liu Yuan swayed the lanyard with the USB on it in front of him and asked, “What do you think this is?” Rong Yi’s whole world suddenly turned pink and Cupid could be heard singing in the background.

He’s so handsome and good, I really want to fall in love with him.

Rong Yi was so infatuated that he returned to the company immediately to send an email expressing his gratitude to Liu Yuan.

One to two, two to three, and the pair were soon familiar with each other outside of work.


“Just… consider it me making a friend.” Rong Yi’s hands under the table clenched into fists and he took deep breaths to try and tame his rapid heartbeat.

“Aren’t we already friends?” Liu Yuan joked. “Hey, how come you’re suddenly so serious today? I’m getting nervous.”

“Then, can I ask you something?” Rong Yi asked tentatively.

“What do you think?”

Rong Yi carefully looked at him. “You… do you only like that kind of Omega?”

“What type?” Liu Yuan quickly spoke before thinking about it. “Oh, you mean your friend… I’m was just joking. In fact, I’ve never been with that type.”

Rong Yi sighed in relief.

“How come you’re suddenly asking this, are you going to introduce me to him?” Liu Yuan got excited. “I welcome it! The type doesn’t matter, as long as they look good.”

Rong Yi’s heart jolted and he quickly blurted out, “Do you think I look good?”

Liu Yuan stared blankly.

Rong Yi’s face blushed madly.

“Good looking,” Liu Yuan swallowed, while his whole person unconsciously leant back against his chair. “But… are you kidding me?”

Rong Yi suddenly became as stiff as a board and wondered if he should conceal his feelings.

“Although sometimes people think I’m a Beta…” Liu Yuan scratched his head, overwhelmed, “But I’m actually an Alpha.”

Rong Yi: “I know, but…”

“You’re gay?” Liu Yuan’s eyes widened.

“I…” Rong Yi felt a little depressed. “Didn’t you read my WeChat information?”

Liu Yuan blinked and didn’t speak.

Looking at his appearance, he probably didn’t read it. After all, most people don’t have to constantly remind others of their gender, so few people will have as meticulous a profile.

“I’m not an Alpha.” Rong Yi said.

“Ah…” Liu Yuan was a little surprised. “There aren’t many Betas like you…”

“I’m not a Beta.” Rong Yi awkwardly retracted his gaze.

Liu Yuan was even more surprised. “Don’t tell me?”

Yi Yi felt like crying. “Am I really that unlike an Omega?”


Liu Yuan profusely apologised and expressed his refusal.

In fact, this didn’t surprise Rong Yi. In the past twenty-six years of his life, he has been pursued by countless people, and he himself had actively pursued countless people. There had never been any inclination that he would leave the group, and his single dog status was unshakeable.

There was no hope for him. The people who chased him and the people he chased did not coincide at all, and the sex was opposite.

In fact, as a child, he grew up looking very delicate and him being declared as Omega at the start of puberty was not surprising to anyone.

However, in his teenage years, he grew tall and his features became more angled. Finally, after outshining everyone in his class, his parent took him to the hospital. The examination results were normal and he was indeed a standard Omega in terms of biologically.

Rong Yi felt that not only was he a standard Omega biologically, but he was also one in the matters of his heart.

From a young age, one of his dreams in life was to find a tall and handsome Alpha to marry, have a sweet baby with, and be gentle and helpful to. He even studied cooking for this purpose and was now able to create dishes full of colour and flavour.

It was a pity that until he has grown into a sweet and delicate Omega, this talent has no chance of appearing in front of his future in-laws.

A small number of Omegas who had pursued him prior were still infatuated, even after knowing his true gender. But all the alphas he had pursued, even if they knew of his true gender, would reject him.

But even so, he still couldn’t stop himself from falling in love anytime and anywhere, only easily confess and be rejected.

Perhaps, it is because deep down in his heart, he feels that it’s better to be rejected early on rather than to spend time in vain only to still be crushed.


The meal was very delicious.

At the checkout, Liu Yuan rushed to pay the bill. After he finished, he solemnly expressed his gratitude and apologised once more before leaving the scene at the speed of light.

The further Liu Yuan walked, the more Rong Yi’s fragile heart shattered.

Rong Yi walked out of the hotel and stood at the side of the road as people came and went, quietly in a daze.

Not far from him was a couple in love who were kissing sweetly. Although it’s not polite, Rong Yi couldn’t help but longingly glance over a few times.

He felt a little envious.

Rong Yi was soon going to join the ‘single dogs forever’ club. This was due to the fact that he had not been kissed, and even an Alpha’s hand has not been held.

Nowadays, so many petite and cute omega shouted to be independent and free; opposing society and refusing to be bound to the family life. Rong Yi with his longing for love cannot help but feel sour when he sees this.

Looking at the couple again, Rong Yi can only feel sorry for his single dog self.

Rong Yi sighed and silently removed his gaze. Not far from the couple, he can see someone talking on the phone.

Rong Yi dazedly sighed in his heart.

That person is taller than me and looks so handsome. If only I can be with an Alpha like him.

While he slowly walked to the intersection, he began to plan a life of happiness with that Alpha. After their marriage, their house should be bought in this area.

Still entangled in his thoughts, Rong Yi was caught off guard as a person suddenly rushed into him, violently knocking him back into the dust.

He finally stood steady, and saw that in the direction the man came from was a young girl crying and screaming, “Thief! Thief!

Rong Yi quickly turned back immediately gave chase to the already disappearing back.


When Rong Yi was still in school he had participated in the track and field team. With his unique physique, he was the undefeated champion of the Omega group. It even got to the point where he was constantly being reported by his opponents for cheating.

Although he did not exercise much after his graduation, the foundation was still there. Increasing his speed, the distance between him and the thief was soon shortened.

Almost upon him, Rong Yi reached out to try and grab the thief’s arm. To his surprise, however, the thief was more anxious to escape than he thought and suddenly turned to throw a punch.

Rong Yi couldn’t immediately retreat due to inertia and began to feel helpless.

Even though he caught up with the thief, that didn’t mean he could fight him. Although the two seemed to be quite similar, Rong Yi was still an Omega and there was inevitably a gap in their strengths.

Rong Yi lifted his arms to cover his face and tightly closed his eyes as he braced for impact. However, unexpectedly, a few seconds had passed and the expected heavy blow hadn’t arrived. He cracked open his eyes and found that the fist had stopped less than an inch from his nose.

The reason why he was not hit was not that the thief’s conscience was discovered, but because he had been forcibly stopped.


Rong Yi’s hadn’t finished speaking when he saw the man’s hand roughly pulling the thief’s wrist back. Just moments ago, Rong Yi was dreaming of them living a life together, and now the man was easily dodging the thief’s attack and slamming his knee into his stomach.

After a few seconds, the thief had been subdued and was now lying on the ground, unable to move.

Rong Yi was still frozen in his spot.

The good-hearted man who had saved him turned back to look at him.

“Are you okay?” He looked at Rong Yi worriedly.

Rong Yi looked closely at his face and groaned inwardly.


Rong Yi continued his thoughts from before and started thinking about what names they would give to their children and what school they should send them to.

What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?

Rong Yi suddenly felt that the whole world had turned pink, and Cupid could be heard singing.

God, he is so handsome. I really want to fall in love with him.

The author has something to say:

Some of this will be mentioned later in the text, but in order to prevent anyone from being confused when reading, let’s look at the settings now.

  1. ABO three-sex setting. The differences between the sexes can be seen obviously from appearance. Of course, it is like the real world where men and women are obviously different, so there are some tragic situations like Rong Yi.
  2. Medicine is very advanced. Everyone has to go to the hospital regularly to get long-acting inhibitors and medical insurance can be reimbursed. Therefore, you can’t smell anyone’s scent and no one will go into heat. (This goose author thinks it is necessary to say that the inhibitors may become invalid at convenient times.)
  3. Deliberately releasing the pheromone in public is violating the law and public security regulations and may end in a fine.


[T/N hello! im the new translator who has picked up this novel! i’m sorry about my mistakes, you’ll have to forgive me as im not the best at english and i know no chinese :(( anyway, i hope you enjoy! thank u <33]



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